404 - Bear page

Creation Date: 23/09/2018 - Last Updated: 23/09/2018

I thought I would have a go at experimenting with CSS animation and what bettter way to do this by creating a 404 page with the bear theme I am using for this site.

To view the code this and to see it in action access this from the codepen link below


The code is available on CodePen. Click here to access it.

Who am I?
I work in the education sector looking after applications and integrating systems. Programming and developing is what I enjoy the most and spend most of my spare time keeping up to date with technology and creating code. I believe by keeping in touch with my practical skills it will enable me to become a better manager for these systems overall.

What is this page?
I've been in the IT industry for my entire working life and although I feel I'm good at what I do I've not got a record of my skill set. So I've create these pages as a record of my coding ability and the ideas I have. Hopefully as I like to share it will provide some use to readers out there

This page will be sparse at first but over the coming months articles, tutorials etc will soon appear!