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Creation Date: 17/06/2018 - Last Updated: 05/07/2018

This article gives you an overview of my thought process and reason for how it's constructed and what I want to improve!

The logo on this page is hand draw using . There are of course better packages out there including the Adobe Suite. However I wanted to produce a logo using a free open source package at no expense.

The logo image is the first dicussion point on this page. I feel like I am quite critical of myself, is only in an attempt to improve myself why I generally don't like a lot of my work and attempt to constantly imporve it. This article gives you an overview of my thought process and reason for how it's constructed the logo image and what I want to improve!


For this site I wanted to have a character on each page to maintain consistency. So I have chosen a bear! This will be used to represent each article. A little like the google logo!

File Format

The logo image format is another note worthy area on this page. I have initially adopted used PNG files. However throughout the site you'll see a mixture of different formats including my preferred method of using SVG's.

There are four main contenders when it comes to file formats. (GIF, JPG, PNG, SVG) I will compare the two I like PNG's and SVG's.

Comparison SVG and PNG

SVG Images are scalable

I have added different widths to an SVG to show how the images scales and keesp its quality

20px Bear Images

100px Bear Images

200px Bear Images

PNG are not scalable

I have completed the same process and image wdiths on a PNG. The image becomes grainy when increasing or reducing the image:

20px Bear Images

100px Bear Images

200px Bear Images

So why not just use SVG's? Here is a comparison of each:

  • SVG's are open to injections attacks if you allow a user to uplaod them
  • SVG's files are tiny
  • SVG's allow animation


  • PNG's are widely used on the net
  • PNG's allow transparency
  • PNG's don't allow animation

Conclusion - Future

So a note for the future. All graphics for this site will aim to use SVG images. A notable exception is that if a page has a user upload section SVG will be avoided. Due to the potential of executing malicious code.
Who am I?
I work in the education sector looking after applications and integrating systems. Programming and developing is what I enjoy the most and spend most of my spare time keeping up to date with technology and creating code. I believe by keeping in touch with my practical skills it will enable me to become a better manager for these systems overall.

What is this page?
I've been in the IT industry for my entire working life and although I feel I'm good at what I do I've not got a record of my skill set. So I've create these pages as a record of my coding ability and the ideas I have. Hopefully as I like to share it will provide some use to readers out there

This page will be sparse at first but over the coming months articles, tutorials etc will soon appear!