ChatBot Interface

Creation Date: 14/10/2018 - Last Updated: 14/10/2018

This application is purely an interface for a chat program. When an algorithm is built then this can be hooked up easily with a web service!

Interface preview


The code is available on CodePen. Click here to access it.

Who am I?
I work in the education sector looking after applications and integrating systems. Programming and developing is what I enjoy the most and spend most of my spare time keeping up to date with technology and creating code. I believe by keeping in touch with my practical skills it will enable me to become a better manager for these systems overall.

What is this page?
I've been in the IT industry for my entire working life and although I feel I'm good at what I do I've not got a record of my skill set. So I've create these pages as a record of my coding ability and the ideas I have. Hopefully as I like to share it will provide some use to readers out there

This page will be sparse at first but over the coming months articles, tutorials etc will soon appear!